SoftskinAir® – The breathable silicone liner for lower limb prosthetics

Prosthetic liners for more safety and comfort for daily and active use


Liners play an important role in the care of people with leg amputations. It protects the skin of the stump and at the same time it serves as a connecting element to the prosthetic socket. The sweat that accumulates between the skin and the liner poses a common problem for the user. Our SoftskinAir® is the world' s first breathable silicone liner that wicks sweat

or air to the outside through patented micropores.This ensures a better adhesion so that the prosthesis is held securely

and is extremely comfortable to wear.


Liner Versions

for below knee, choose with or without distal connection( locking or cushion )

  • SoftskinAir® S30 – Shorehardness 30
  • SoftskinAir® S40 – Shorehardness 40
  • SoftskinAir® S50 – Shorehardness 50
  • SoftskinAir® Sport – Shorehardness 40


for above knee, with distal connection (locking)

  • SoftskinAir® TF – Shorehardness 40

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