Central fabrication

Use our modeling service to provide individual and precise orthotic and prosthetic care for your patients. We can make positive models for you, as well as semi-finished or completely finished aids.
The orthosis range can provide care for the trunk, e.g. following spinal surgery, the legs, e.g. for patients with spina bifida, or the hips for patients with Perthes syndrome.
For the construction of prostheses, we manufacture upper leg shafts and cosmetic products, as well as shafts for knee exarticulation. Care for lower leg stumps can be provided using the electronic ScanCam measurement system. Measurements are taken using 3D technology and precise socket modeling is carried out on a PC using CAD software.

1. Measurements

Measure your customers at the specified measurement points.

2. Complete the measurement sheet

Enter the measurements into the measurement sheet.

3. Fax the order to Uniprox

Fax your order directly to Uniprox: Fax number +49 (0) 36628-663370.

4. Order processing by Uniprox

Manufacture of the positive models, semi-finished or completely finished aids ordered by you.

5. Delivery to you

We deliver the goods directly to you.