F51 Uniprox Foot

Multiaxial foot
  • Integrated, multi-axial ankle
  • Foamed carbon spring
  • Single big toe
  • <150 kg

The smooth rolling behavior ensures relaxed reaction. The multiaxial joint compensates for uneven ground and inclines, stabilizes the knee joint as well as rotational instability through rapid forefoot contact.

F64 Uniprox Foot

Carbon foot ZUMO
  • Split dynamic forefoot spring for high stability
  • Cushioned heel thanks to integrated foam heel buffer
  • Single big toe
  • Integrated pyramid adapter
  • Removable spacer block
  • <205 kg

The design corresponds to the F63, but the special material selection allows use for patients up to 205 kg body weight.

F90 Uniprox Foot

Multiaxial carbon foot
  • Full carbon sole
  • Incl. complete buffer set for individual configuration
  • Replacing the buffers partly without tools
  • <125 kg

The F90 is a multiaxial foot for active levels of mobility, which is characterized by high flexibility and great freedom of movement.

JT09 Stabilized Knee

Monocentric with extension assist
  • Load-dependent brake for high stance phase safety
  • Integrated extension assist, adjustable from the outside without tools
  • Axis moved back
  • Distal connection: 34 mm tube connection
  • <150 kg

A robust knee joint with classic brake mechanism for use up to 150 kg.

JT30 Polycentric Knee

With hydraulics and flexible level control
  • Adjustable flexible level control (bouncing)
  • Hydraulic swing phase control
  • Variable extension support through interchangeable feeder springs
  • Connection proximal and distal: pyramid
  • <125 kg

The ingenious construction of the bouncing element enables effective cushioning in the heel step without flexing the knee. At the same time, the axis shift ensures high safety.

HD Adapters

For F64 Uniprox carbon foot ZUMO
  • A3-Ti400-HD tube adapter titanium / carbon HD
  • A1-Ti-HD screw adapter Titan HD
  • A13-Ti-HD shaft adapter Titan HD
  • A89-HD connection plate HD
  • <205 kg

Heavy-duty adapter for the care of patients up to 205 kg.

H20 Adapters

A1-Ti-H2O and A3-Ti400-H20
  • Tube and screw adapter with drain grooves
  • Titanium adapters
  • waterproof coated screws
  • <125 kg

Freshwater and saltwater resistant adapters with drain grooves.


Silicone liner SoftskinAir®
  • Breathable liner for below- and above knee amputations
  • Different shore hardness

The world's first breathable prosthetic liner transports moisture or trapped air through the micropores from the skin to the outside of the liner. As a result, less skin irritations and the prosthesis is held in place constantly thanks to better adhesion.

ShL40A and ShL40B

Modular locking devices
  • ShL40A with smooth pin
  • ShL40B with Clutch Lock pin
  • <150 kg

In the case of the modular locking devices, the laminating disc can be laminated directly into the shaft material or through thermoplastic production. The locking device is then screwed on from the outside and can be replaced at any time.

Softskin Liner

Softskin silicone liner
  • Liner for Below- and Above knee amputations
  • Different shore hardness

In addition to the breathable liners, the standard silicone liners offer a wide selection, which differ in the Shore hardness, the optional pin connection, the matrix for reducing the pistoning and the design of the outer knitted fabric.

V10 Socket Valve

For container stocks
  • Extra-large valve opening
  • Screw-in stainless steel valve housing

The large valve opening allows pulling aids to be pulled through more gently, very durable.

Prosthetics - Versatile solutions for more mobility and quality of life

Prosthetic components for lower extremities – state-of-the-art and precise

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Step by step to maximum mobility

Our products are systematically geared towards mobility management that meets the patient' s care requirements. The patient' s mobility determines which prosthetic fitting parts are required. We classify feet, knees and hips according to four degrees of mobility.

Innovative Solutions

With our developments, we offer innovative solutions for the supply of prosthetic components. The polycentric knee joint JT20, for example, makes it possible to switch from a secure to a dynamic geometry and is therefore flexible in use. With the JT09 monocentric safety knee joint, the extension spring can be adjusted from the outside using an adjusting ring. Both joints are approved for a total weight of 150 kilograms and thus offer the orthopedic technician great application potential.


It is part of our corporate philosophy to continuously improve products and optimize processes. All products from the fields of prosthetics and orthotics meet the requirements of the Medical Devices Act and have the CE mark.


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