Knee and hip joints

Category overview: Knee and hip joints

Uniprox prosthetic knee joints are based on two different lines of alignment. It is essential that these lines of alignment are observed in order to guarantee the optimal functioning of the knee joint and to prevent functional restrictions.

Line of alignment  1   Line of alignment 2
TKA - alignment Traditional basic alignment
T - Trochanter (trochanter major)
K - Knee (knee axis of rotation)
A - Ankle
The prosthetic knee joint is aligned in accordance with the power and assembly perpendicular reference line. Starting from the trochanter major, the perpendicular line falls in a ratio of 50/50 through the prosthesis shaft and down to the foot. The joint pivot point of the prosthetic knee joint and the center of the ankle joint must also lie precisely on the reference line.The alignment of the prosthetic knee joint follows the power and assembly reference line, starting from the trochanter major and finishing with its course through the center of the foot; the knee pivot point is in a pushed-back position. The line therefore goes through the prosthetic foot in a 50/50 ratio.

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