Hand orthosis

The DAHO® hand orthosis system is a modular system of various orthotic parts that provide fast, individual care for fingers, wrist and hand.

According to their mechanical principles, they are divided into 4 types of orthoses:

  • Type 1 - Rheumatism orthosis
  • Type 2 - Extension orthosis
  • Type 3 - Flexion orthosis
  • Type 4 – Support/immobilization orthosis

OF01 and OF02

Peroneus orthosis


  • Weakness of the foot lift (paralysis of the peroneus)
  • Spastic pointed foot (OF01 with slight expression; OF02 with light to medium strength expression)

Light AFO orthosis made of polypropylene (OF01) or acetyl P.O.M. (OF02), with calf pads.


Torsion Orthosis
  • Torsion bars of different strengths and lengths
  • Infinitely adjustable torsion effect

The effect of the Torsion orthosis is based on the torsion rod made of a homogeneous elastomer, which is fixed distally to the foot and proximally to the pelvis. The individually adjustable torsion tension causes a permanent correction of the rotation of the leg without influencing flexion and extension of the ankle, knee and hip joint.

Coxa Port

Hip orthosis
  • Individual modules for individual fitting
  • Anatomically preformed plastic components

The required modules are ordered individually and can be assembled on site. The orthosis enables control of rotation, abduction, extension and flexion of the hip joint.

OR04 and OR05

Spinal Orthosis system

The hyperextending effect of the three-point corset in a frame construction causes:

  • Anterior relief of the vertebral body
  • Prevention of inclining and rotating
  • Restriction of lateral movements in the lumbar and thoracolumbar area


Boston Spinal Orthosis system

The basis is an anatomically pre-formed torso module made of PE, which is trimmed according the patient's requirements.

Depending on the requirements, the torso module can be fit with a Velcro fastener system, dorsal reinforcement bars and the reclining brackets.

Orthotics - Uniprox orthoses for the entire musculoskeletal system

Hand, foot and leg orthosis as well as orthosis for the hip, spinal and neck - for optimal care

A complete overview of our product offering can be find in our Webshop and in our Product Catalogue.

A complete overview of our product offering can be find in our Webshop and in our Product Catalogue.

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Step by step to maximum mobility

Our products are systematically geared towards mobility management that meets the patient' s care requirements. The patient' s mobility determines which prosthetic fitting parts are required. We classify feet, knees and hips according to four degrees of mobility.

Innovative Solutions

With our developments, we offer innovative solutions for the supply of prosthetic components. The polycentric knee joint JT20, for example, makes it possible to switch from a secure to a dynamic geometry and is therefore flexible in use. With the JT09 monocentric safety knee joint, the extension spring can be adjusted from the outside using an adjusting ring. Both joints are approved for a total weight of 150 kilograms and thus offer the orthopedic technician great application potential.


It is part of our corporate philosophy to continuously improve products and optimize processes. All products from the fields of prosthetics and orthotics meet the requirements of the Medical Devices Act and have the CE mark.


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