MM210 to MM223

AK Casting Brims
  • Two versions in four shaft shapes to choose from
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Can be ordered individually or as a set

The plastic casting Brims are a simple aid when measuring the Above knee stump. Whether as a plastering aid or as a measurement base in case of a model service order.

MG160 to MG165

Uniprox Orthopoxy®
  • Perfect epoxy resin system for orthopedic technology
  • Does not contain bisphenol A
  • Made to a large extent from biological raw materials

With the Uniprox Orthopoxy®, high-strength laminations with a brilliant look can be produced. Participation in a training course on processing the Uniprox Orthopoxy® is recommended.

MG260 to MG262

Flax reinforcement fiber
  • 100% natural fiber from flax
  • Available as braided tubes, unidirectional tape or twill
  • Safe alternative to fiber optics

Flax fiber laminations achieve strength values ​​similar to those of glass fiber. Can be processed with acrylic or epoxy resin.

MG263 to MG264

Basalt reinforcement fiber
  • 100% natural fiber from basalt rock
  • Available as braided tubes or unidirectional tape
  • Safe alternative to carbon fiber

Basalt fiber laminations almost match the strength values ​​of carbon fiber. They should be processed with epoxy resin.

M40 to m42

+ PLUSeries® 2-component adhesive
  • Urethane adhesive for high-strength bonds within a few seconds
  • Without annoying smells
  • Resilient after 10 - 15 minutes

In addition to the 2-component cartridge, attachable mixing nozzles and the appropriate mixing gun are required to process the adhesive.

MK37 to MK38

Thermoflex STEIF
  • Clear deep-draping material with increased impact resistance
  • Over-laminatable, glossy transparent surface
  • Suitable for transparent test stocks or as an inner layer for vacuum sockets

The MK37 Thermoflex STEIF is used as a standard for the production of the test sockets by our model service.

Materials for the O&P technicians. Complete range for the production of orthopedic devices.

Innovative and state-of-the-art materials for the O&P specialists

A complete overview of our product offering can be find in our Webshop and in our Product Catalogue.

A complete overview of our product offering can be find in our Webshop and in our Product Catalogue.

The Uniprox Service-Concept

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Our goal is to ensure the quality of patient care in the future. This is only possible together with the specialist dealers who want to supply their customers as quickly and as well as possible. This is exactly what we have tailored our service concept to: efficient business transactions, optimal advice and customized supply solutions. Our sales staff … read more provide competent advice in product-specific and business questions and are the contact for joint marketing concepts. For quick research or convenient online ordering, we provide all the information you need at . There are also free service numbers for telephone advice or ordering. Our modern logistics make it possible for products to be with the customer within 24 hours.

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Step by step to maximum mobility

Our products are systematically geared towards mobility management that meets the patient' s care requirements. The patient' s mobility determines which prosthetic fitting parts are required. We classify feet, knees and hips according to four degrees of mobility.

Innovative Solutions

With our developments, we offer innovative solutions for the supply of prosthetic components. The polycentric knee joint JT20, for example, makes it possible to switch from a secure to a dynamic geometry and is therefore flexible in use. With the JT09 monocentric safety knee joint, the extension spring can be adjusted from the outside using an adjusting ring. Both joints are approved for a total weight of 150 kilograms and thus offer the orthopedic technician great application potential.


It is part of our corporate philosophy to continuously improve products and optimize processes. All products from the fields of prosthetics and orthotics meet the requirements of the Medical Devices Act and have the CE mark.


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