DAHO®-Handorthosis – Perfect fit and pleasant wearing comfort

Modular orthotic system for post-operational support, injuries or illnesses

The human hand achieves amazing things in a perfectly coordinated interplay of bones and joints, muscles, nerve cells, tendons and ligaments: the finest sensitive movements to extremely powerful grabs! Even minor injuries significantly affect the various functions. The demands on hand therapy are all the greater. This shows the strengths of the DAHO® hand orthosis system. Variable combinations, quick installation and uncomplicated adaptation enable prompt individual care.


  • Typ 1 – Rheumatism-Orthosis
  • Typ 2 – Extension-Orthosis
  • Typ 3 – Flexion-Orthosis
  • Typ 4 – Support-Orthosis


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DAHO® hand orthosis can be ordered by phone,fax, email or measurement sheet.


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Do you need support for specific fitting?
Technical-Service +49 800 001 05 41*
Fax +49 800 001 05 45*
Mail infoprotect@protectuniproxprotect.protectde

*free of charge in Germany


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